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Record Breaking Buck!

If you’ve been following our social media posts and trail cams you’ve seen pictures of the monster buck. This week one lucky hunter found out exactly how big this buck is; in fact, this whitetail is a new ranch record!

          January on the trail cams

Jack, a longtime hunter at Northwoods Antler Lodge, had his eye on this buck since last season when the whitetail was already an impressive 300″.

Now, a year later this record breaking buck measured a whopping SCI score of 465 5/8″ and weighed in at 350 pounds!

The 4 1/2 year old whitetail is the biggest buck ever harvested in the 12 year history of Northwoods Antler Lodge!

To put the number 465 5/8″ in perspective, this buck is the largest horned animal ever harvested at Northwoods Antler Lodge, including bull elk!   

Jack and his 3 sons are no stranger to hunting at Northwoods:

“I have had the pleasure of hunting in Birchwood, Wisconsin for 7 years now. Every year I leave the ranch thinking, ‘This was the best year ever.’

Thanks to owners Joe and Kari, and staff Henry, Mitch, and Jon, this year I was fortunate enough to harvest the best whitetail buck I have ever seen!”

This year Jack’s son Britton hunted with him, and he harvested 2 of his own beautiful bucks (pics below). Britton also speaks highly of his experiences at the ranch:

“Absolutely incredible experience! We’ve made the trip up to Northwoods Antler Lodge from southeast Texas for 7 years in a row, and will continue coming back every year. Joe, Kari and the staff make it their #1 priority to make sure your trip is an experience of a lifetime. The lodge, accommodations, hospitality, and camaraderie are second to none. Hunters of all ages and experience levels are welcome! Book your trip to Northwoods, I guarantee it’ll be a trip filled with memories you’ll never forget!”

This hunting season surely is one for the record books, and it’s only October!

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