September is Here!

We are so excited that it is September, which for us means guiding some awesome deer hunts! We’ve been pulling the cards regularly, and as the end of August rolled around we are very pleased with the number of big bucks on the ranch.

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Big Velvet Bucks

It’s amazing how fast a buck’s velvet antlers grow this time of year! And the bucks look amazing!

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Late July Bucks

It’s hard to believe that deer season is finally on the horizon! The velvet bucks on our trail cams are looking amazing.

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First round of Trail Cams

And so we begin a new season of scouting and watching the bucks grow their velvet antlers. We are excited to share with you our new relocated trail cam placements for this year.

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December Trail Cams

Our weather has varied significantly over the past month, but one thing that has stayed the same has been the quality and mass of the bucks showing up on the trail cams!

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Snowed in at the Ranch

The bitter cold temps this week provide a good excuse to sort through the trail cam pics highlighting the bucks weathering the recent snowstorms.

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Fall Trail Cams

The nights are cool and mornings crisp with frost. The deer continue to seek food among the fallen leaves, finding an abundant supply of acorns and putting on weight in approach for winter. Speaking of deer, we have been finding plenty of top notch bucks on the trail cams!

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First Snow on the Cams!

I’m always excited to pull the trail cam cards following the first snowstorm.  And we had a mid-October snow this year in the northwoods!  Needless to say, it didn’t stick around for long.

Things are getting exciting on the Ranch! The bucks are active …

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Trail Cams Back Up!

After having multiple trail cams destroyed by over zealous buck scrapes, we are back up and running with replacement cams! Here are a few recent pics for you! By the way, did you know we have several openings left for this Fall/Winter?

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The Countdown Begins!

It is hard to believe that opening day is just around the corner! We are busy completing several exciting lodge updates (pics to follow!) and packing our bags for a hunting show in Texas.

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