Early Season – Big Bucks Down

Despite above average temperatures our recent group was still able to harvest some beautiful bucks.

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Our Favorite Time of Year

Fall brings us to our favorite time of year as hunters. The bucks have shed their velvet off and are putting on their winter coats. It won’t be long before the madness of the rut begins! The bull elk are roaming the ranch, distinguishing their dominance, with their rut right around the corner as well.

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And we’re just about Ready!

The bucks are starting to shed their velvet, and the smell of Fall lingers. Needless to say we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Trail Cam pics, dreaming about the hunt, the trophy whitetails. Next thing you know your heart is beating out of your chest…

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A Hint of Fall is in the Air

The bucks are looking great as they get ready to start rubbing off their velvet, making the transition to hard antlers. Up north our nights are getting cooler and there’s even a hint of color in the trees. While the bucks are still bachelored up they are starting to show some early signs of aggression.

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Trophy Bucks on the Horizon

As the bucks come to their final weeks of antler growth we’re starting to see some really impressive trophy bucks developing.

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Bachelor Bucks out for an Evening Graze

August is a big month for these bucks as they complete their final stages of antler growth. The bucks will put on inches of antler growth daily this time of year! Check back often and Watch ‘em Grow!

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Watch ‘em Grow

This is an exciting time of year on the ranch as the bucks really start to grow. We invite you to join us in feeding your “buck fever” right here in this all new section of our blog, Watch ‘em Grow. Check back often for trail cam footage, and try to catch your favorite buck on camera!

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Summer in the North Woods

While the first day of summer has officially passed we are still seeing remnants of spring. We have been enjoying the company of a young pair of fawns that frequently take shelter in the tall grasses not far from the Lodge.

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Northwoods Antler Lodge welcomes new owners

We’d like to introduce ourselves as the new owners – Joe Roppe, Kari Johnson, our daughter Aspen (and of course our faithful and furry companion, Cayenne).

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